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These Pom-Pom Animals Are Our New Craft Obsession for Fall – 2019

These Pom-Pom Animals Are Our New Craft Obsession for Fall | Bundled in a basket, artfully pinned on a sweater lapel, or set on a shelf to admire, these heartwarming, adorable and happy pom-pom animals are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Take a look at the collection of charming critters here from Tsubasa Kuroda’s new book, Pom Pom Animals: 45 Easy and Adorable Projects Made from Wool.” #crafts

Wool – 5 Ways To Make Money From Home With Fleece

Owning wool producing animals is fun, but can you make cash from domestic with sheep, alpaca, or other fiber animals? Yes, you can. Turn your wool fiber into cash five exceptional ways.

#1. Sell your raw wool. With good marketing strategies, your clean, carded, and maybe even dyed fleece will start producing cash. Who could buy it? Felters and spinners. Make sure your fiber is in perfect circumstance and not using a vegetable matter. Build a good popularity for offering remarkable fleece and people crafters might be trustworthy return customers clammoring in your animals fiber.

#2. Offer hand-crafted merchandise out of your wool. Learn to spin and make strong point yarns to promote. Knitting with wool yarn and felting the undertaking is very popular today. You can capitalize on this trend together with your animal fleece. Sell your yarn and deliver away an smooth free handbag pattern with felting commands for knitters to attempt their first felting task with the yarn.

Lean to knit and crochet. You can make handmade sweaters, vests, hats, scarfs, etc. Find a niche marketplace and sell your home made items to those who would truly experience owning them.

Become versed in felting. Try wet felting and dry felting both. You can wet felt purses, vests, slippers, mittens, and more. Dry felting gives you the capability to make three dimensional sculptures and wallhangings.

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